West Wickham Choir


Summer Concert 2019

Saturday 20th July      at St. Mary of Nazareth Church  at 7pm

Sunday 21st July          at St. Francis of Assisi Church   at 3pm

Programme for 2019:      Fauré Requiem

                                                 2 or 3 additional choir items

                                                 and some individual vocal and instrumental items

Rehearsals for choir – mainly for the Fauré work – will take place on some Thursdays at St. Francis and some Fridays at St. Mary’s, normally from 8pm until 9.30pm. The schedule, starting mid-March, allows opportunities for those less confident to learn their parts without too much stress, and to continue to improve the quality of the singing in the choir.

We welcome singers from choirs and congregations of all the 8 churches belonging to “Churches Together in West Wickham” and members of other church or non-church choirs, together with any other local people who want to sing.

We hope you will be able to come to all, or very nearly all, of the sessions listed. It is particularly important that all attend the final rehearsal in each venue, as practical seating arrangements differ in these two churches.  We keep a register of attendance and we can enter any dates when you know you will be away, etc., in advance.

Music will be supplied – though please say if you have your own “Fauré”.

I am pleased to confirm that Jacqueline Turner will take part as Soprano soloist, and Ian Verran will play the organ for the Fauré; other programme pieces will be announced later.

Updates, any inevitable changes to schedules, etc., will be sent by group email so please update me – by email – if you change that address.

Please send me an email to add your name to the choir for this concert. If you can encourage others to take part, please ask them also to send an email confirming their interest.

If you are unable to send an email (geoff@mussard.org.uk), please text a message to 07761 599223. (Don’t phone this number, please, except in an emergency). Alternatively, please telephone 020 8650 8389.

The proposed schedule is attached, and further copies will be made available at the first session in March.

Hoping to see you at our rehearsal sessions,

Best wishes

Geoff (Mussard)   (MD West Wickham Choir)


Schedule of Rehearsals

All at 8pm except July 18/19 at 7.30pm

Thursday March 14     St Francis

Friday March 22         St Mary’s

Friday April 12             St Mary’s

Thursday May 2          St Francis

Thursday May 9          St Francis

Friday May 17             St Mary’s

Thursday May 23        St Francis

Thursday June 13        St Francis

Friday June 21             St Mary’s

Thursday June 27        St Francis

Friday July 5                St Mary’s

Thursday July 11         St Francis

Thursday July 18         St Francis at 7.30pm

Friday July 19              St Mary’s at 7.30pm

Saturday July 20        St Mary’s at 7pm

Sunday July 21           St Francis at 3pm