The next opportunity for this locally is on Sunday 9th of July when Bishop Jonathan will be at St Mary Addington.  We have four candidates who will be confirmed on the day. 

We run a course for those who would like to understand more what it is Christians believe and why entitled Christianity Explored. This is a DVD based course and provides opportunity to ask questions. The focus is on the Gospel of Mark. We use this course for those considering Confirmation.

Contact us to find out when the next course is being run.

Admission of Children to Communion before Confirmation

Whatever age we are in the family of God we are all on a journey of faith.  Our policy welcomes the admission of children prior to confirmation if they express interest and who have the support of their parents/guardians and clergy. Again there would be an age appropriate course of preparation.

To find out more please get in touch via our contact form or speak with the clergy