Coronavirus Update - 19th March 2020

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called this a defining moment for the Church of England.  At St Francis’ and St Mary’s we want to be known as a church for all and will maintain a presence in having our buildings open at certain times for prayer and reflection, as well as posting resources to our websites and being in touch with regular members of our congregation.

Our churches will be open this Sunday morning (22 March) for prayer and reflection: St Mary’s from 9am to 10.30am and St Francis from 10.30am to 12noon.  Please drop in at any time if you feel able to do so and keep a safe social distance from others while you are here.  Please wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home and use some hand sanitiser on the way in to the church building.

This will form part of a national day of prayer and action when we stand in solidarity with other churches.  At such a time as this, when so many are fearful and there is great uncertainty, we are reminded of our dependence on our loving Heavenly Father and the future that he holds.  At 7pm this Sunday, light a candle in the windows of your home as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer.

If you are a regular member of our congregation with concern for your own health, please do contact Hazel on 020 8777 5034 so that we can keep in phone or email contact, if you would like to do that.  If you have a new cough or a high temperature or fever, please stay at home in line with the government guidelines.  If you, or someone you know, needs some extra help at this time please do offer this or get in touch with us, as there’s great value in looking out for others that we know who need help.  All it needs is a telephone call to cheer someone up. 

It is vital that we take these precautions to control this virus, because we have a duty of care, not only to ourselves but to all of our community.  We will continue to await any further guidance from the Church of England and Public Health England and will act accordingly.

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