Messy Church Updates

As another year draws to a close, it is time to both reflect on our achievements and plan for the coming year. 


The Messy Church at St Mary of Nazareth is now firmly established since starting in June 2014.  We have now run 28 Messy Church services and welcomed nearly 220 children.  On average, we welcome 25 children each month which rises to over 50 for key church dates such as Christmas.  In 2016 for the first time, we ran a session in the August school holidays which was attended by 34 children and was extended by 45 minutes longer than our normal sessions.


This year we moved away from our traditional bible stories such as Noah and Moses and became more Gospel focussed.  We started to introduce Jesus and his ministry to our congregation and we shared some of the “I am” series, including; I am the Vine, I am the Shepherd and I am the Light. 


None of what we do is possible without such an outstanding team of committed volunteers.  We now call over 30 people from both St Mary’s and St Francis our Messy Church volunteer team and monthly run with over 20 helpers on hand to running activities, prepare food and play music.


As a team, we are fresh thinking and open to new ideas.  We value the ability to deepen our faith and bible knowledge through planning sessions as well as being able to share God’s word with our Messy Church congregation and help them to get to know and understand Jesus.  The size and devotion of the team shows what a very rewarding role it is.


In 2017, we are again going to run for all 12 months.  The dates are as follows:


Friday 14th July              Friday 11th August   

Friday 15th September       Friday 13th October           Friday 10th November          Friday 8th December

We are also going to assist and attend with “Messy Cathedral” being held in our own Southwark Cathedral in February.  This will show our congregation that they are part of something much bigger and help our team meet other volunteers and share ideas. 


We welcome anyone to join us and hope you will share details of our Messy Church with local families and neighbours. 

For more information please contact Caroline Nevard or visit our Facebook page to see more of what we do;\messychurchwestwickham